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As a market leader, we have tailored our clear aligner service to give you endless possibilities. You could now decide either to benefit from our well-known K Clear brand or even build your own brand. We will be always there to support you with state-of-the-art clear aligners and exquisite service.

How to start



You will gain access to our portal for doctors. There you can easily upload clinical photos and X-rays of your patient. You can send us impressions you made of your patient’s teeth by post. 



About 3-5 days after all necessary documents have been received and accepted by us, we will send you a first treatment plan, which includes a 3D simulation of the results. This plan shows the teeth movement needed and is developed by dental professionals, who exactly know about the pressure and unique design of our Aligners, for each patient individually.

Due to our 3D simulation you can already show your patient the final result at this stage. Furthermore, the treatment plan gives an overview over the treatment duration.


Clear Aligners

After you have accepted the treatment plan, the Aligners for your patient will be produced. This usually takes 12 working days of production. So you are going to receive your Aligners not later than 3 weeks after you have confirmed the plan.


Why Us?

In a market focusing on high tech, prices have been jumping much to some extent that would make it difficult to serve many patients. Yet we focused on bringing the highest tech in manufacturing and services with a very affordable price.

K Line has been built to change the way people think in dentistry, we think of ourselves as artists not business people. K Line has been and will always be delivering massive value to thousands and thousands of people.


Our corporate vision

Redefining the dental and orthodontic field through innovation.



Your aligners will be delivered in only 10 working days



Our founders and experts have a decent experience in the field of clear aligners



We have manufactured over 2 million aligners till date

Have you heard about

our 4D Aligners?

ClearX aligners are a series of clear aligners manufactured using 4D technology. Based upon simple first principles of physics and mechanics, ClearX provides advantages on several multitudes whether for the practi­tioner, patient as weil as our planet. 


ClearX now is with

Ocean Blue Project!


ClearX provides advantages on several multitudes whether for the practitioner, patient as well as our planet. Our goal is to decrease plastic usage in the orthodontic field while leveraging the smartness of teeth straightening to extents that were not possible before.

Consequently, we gladly support Ocean Blue Project to do our part for the environment. Together we are working towards saving the ocean by removing microplastics. Every ClearX smile removes a pound of plastic from the ocean.

Customer Experience

As the owner of Dental Excellence, the only Smile Makeover Centre of its kind in the United Kingdom, Dr. Robbie Hughes has made a name for himself as celebrity dentist. He is responsible for Jurgen Klopp’s smile and the flawless teeth of the Brasilian soccer players Philippe Coutinho and Roberto Firmino.

Since 2016 he successfully treats misalignments with the transparent aligners K Clear by K Line Europe, Germany.

Our team

Dr. Sherif Kandil


Daniel Backus


Ruth Espuerta

Head of Sales

Alexander Friedmann

Marketing Manager

Tri Do Huu

International Sales & Coordinator

Diana Wolff

International Sales & Coordinator

Katharina Scholz

CEO Assistant

Osama Haytam

Production Manager


Case results

 K Clear corrects your tooth alignment step by step. Through gentle pressure your teeth will be moved to the required position gently.
In this way an uncomplicated and almost painless treatment achieves convincing results. Ask your dentist today!


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