Teeth straightening has

never been easier

What is K Clear?

K Clear are almost invisible and removable Aligners used for tooth correction. Clear Aligners have revolutionized the dentistry and orthodontics. They are produced individually for each patient and thus ensure an absolutely accurate fit.

Our production strategy is based on state-of-the-art processes. Our 3D treatment plan allows you to already take a look at the final results before your treatment starts.

Metal braces are no longer necessary and your vis-à-vis will not even notice that you are wearing your Aligners.


How it works for Patients


Your attending physician will take impressions for your teeth, clinical photos and an X-ray on your first visit.


Based on these given information, K Line Europe will create a treatment plan using 3D technology. You can expect the treatment duration and how the final results will look like.


If you are satisfied with the visualized result, we will start the production of your aligners.


Within a short period of time you will receive your first aligners from your doctors. You will receive the new batches of aligners to proceed with your treatment from your doctor.


Benefits compared with braces


- Not removable -

- Injuries in the mouth -

- Difficult oral hygiene -

- Long doctor appointments -



- Removable anytime -

- No injuries in the mouth -

- Low pain treatment-

- No difficult oral hygiene -

- Nearly invisible-

- No long doctor appointments -


What our patients say

Customer Experience

I did the treatment with K Clear Aligners for 10 months and I am amazed by the outcome. I have always wanted to have straight teeth but due to my job I didn't want to wear ugly braces. The K Clear Aligners were the best solution for my case!


The results

 K Clear corrects your tooth alignment step by step. Through gentle pressure your teeth will be moved to the required position gently. In this way an uncomplicated and almost painless treatment achieves convincing results. Ask your dentist today!


Our team

Dr. Sherif Kandil


Daniel Backus


Ruth Espuerta

Head of Sales

Alexander Friedmann

Marketing Manager

Tri Do Huu

International Sales & Coordination

Diana Wolff

International Sales

Katharina Scholz

CEO Assistant

Osama Haytam

Production Manager

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