Why Us?

In a market focusing on high tech, prices have been jumping much to some extent that would make it difficult to serve many patients. Yet we focused on bringing the highest tech in manufacturing and services with a very affordable price.

K Line has been built to change the way people think in dentistry, we think of ourselves as artists not business people. K Line has been and will always be delivering massive value to thousands and thousands of people.


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K LINE Family

Fast facts

2 M +

K Line has manufactured over 2 million aligners till date

20 +

K Line is represented in over 20 countries

12 +

Our founders and experts have more than 12 years experience in the field of clear aligners

Patents are registered

130 +

Currently, K Line employs over 130 employees worldwide.

70 K

K Line has done over 70 thousand treatments.


Dr.Sherif Kandil


The future of orthodontics is great and we are determined to play a major role in it. K Line provides its services through two distinctive business models. The first is OEM, where we help other brands and dental practices to be unique and brand their product. We take care of manufacturing and even logisitics and help you focus on other things that matter most to you, like scaling and branding.

Our second business model is our flagship product - ClearX.  ClearX is based on 4D orthodontics which is a fundamental move for the whole industry. lt opens the door to so many new possibilities. Accurate, fast, eco-friendly and smart are all concievable advantages 4D brings to orthodontics.

The K Line Story


Introducing our Team

Alexander Friedmann

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Marketing Manager

Ruth Espuerta

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International Sales and Coordination Manager

Abir Lal Rudra

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International Sales and Coordination Manager

Dr.Sherif Kandil

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Osama Haytam

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Production Manager

Katharina Scholz

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CEO Assistant

Diana Wolff

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International Relations

Tri Do Huu

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International Sales & Coordinator

Patrycja Gagliano

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Ram Yalla

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Supply Chain Analyst 

Martina Raßbach

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Key Account Managerin

Ramona Artz

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Customer Support


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