Open Bite

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Patient Details

Age: 34 years old Gender: Female Chief complain: Anterior openbite and severe mandibular joint clicking with pain


  • Anterior openbite 3-4mm

  • Slight crowding in upper anteriors

  • Class I canine and molar relationship on right side

  • Slight class II canine relation left side

  • Right condyle mild dislocation on mouth opening

  • CMD

  • Tongue thrust habit on swallowing.

Treatment planning

We will start with Aquasplint for 1.5 months to eliminate the mandibular jaw dysfunction symptoms. Bluegrass appliance will be used for 4-6 months to treat the tongue thrust habit. Then Clear aligner treatment using K Clear from K Line Europe follows in sequence. Number of aligners: Upper: 14 upper and 14 lower aligners Total 12 months treatment