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Side open bite after treatment

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

After treatment, a laterally open bite can be seen. Why?

It would be superfluous to mention that you are not the only doctor who is facing exactly this question. Many doctors face exactly this problem in the course of treating their cases.

At the end of any Clear Aligner treatment, the posterior teeth should have a stable occlusion with comprehensive vertical support. Nevertheless, in some patients or female patients, a laterally open bite becomes visible during treatment, especially after 6 months in the advanced treatment process.

Imagine that the acrylic layers rest on the posterior teeth day and night. This fact alone gives rise to the tendency of intrusion of the posterior teeth, resulting in a temporary posterior open bite.

From a scientific point of view, there are several factors that can lead to this.

1. your patient suffers from bruxism

2.the overjet or overbite are not yet stable

3.Not enough attachments on the posterior or posterior segments to prevent the intrusive movement.

A temporary open bite after

an 8-month treatment with K Clear

The open bite was closed by wearing partial aligners for one month. The partial aligner or the last splint is cut out in the practice behind the canines.

There are several ways to treat the temporary open bite after treatment or even during treatment.

During treatment:

1. use of attachments

Use attachments on the posterior segments of the upper and lower teeth.

2.adjustment of overjet and overbite

Adjust Overjet and Overbite if necessary.

Check the centric occlusion and whether abnormal biting behavior occurs.

After treatment

1 Use elastics

Use elastics to connect the upper and lower posterior teeth using fixed brackets, adhesive buttons or hooks on the upper and lower posterior teeth.

2. cutting the aligner

Cut the aligner distal to the upper and lower canines. This way you get a part, aligner, that only goes from canine to canine, contributing to the eruption of the back teeth.



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