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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Class II DIV 1 with crowding

Patient details

Age: 14 years old Gender: Male Chief complain: crowding in upper and lower teeth


  • Class II skeletal tendency

  • Class II canine and molar relation bilateral.

  • Moderate crowding in upper (8mm)

  • Mild crowding in lower (5 mm)

  • Upper midline shift

  • Generalized gingivitis

Treatment planning

Number of aligners: Upper: 36 aligners ( 3 phases ) and 10 refinement ( 2 phase refinements ) Lower: 30 aligners ( 3 phases ) and 5 refinement ( 1 phase refinement ) Total treatment: 18 months

Treatment objective

  • Align upper and lower teeth

  • Achieve class I molar and canine relationship

  • Midline shift correction

  • A stable Overjet and overbite

Results and conclusion posttreatment

Resolved the crowding, Class I canine and molar relationship, stable overjet and overbite. Midline shift correction. Distalization was applied while using Class II elastics throughout the treatment. Decrowding with the aid of IPR. Adjusting the Overjet and overbite.

Retention Double retention was used at end of treatment.

Patient Photos



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