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Is it possible to wear my aligners only at night?

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Patients are usually curious if it is possible to wear their aligners only at night.

Unfortunately, this is not possible with conventional clear aligners. Clear aligners do not give the same results if they are only worn overnight. They must be worn for at least 21 hours a day, but preferably all day and all night, so that the teeth can reach the desired position.

Otherwise, the teeth will be placed in the correct position for up to 8 hours (at night) but will move back in the time frame in which the aligners will not be worn.

If the aligners are worn only at night, several counterproductive things can happen:

  1. The treatment can prove to be painful because there is constant pressure on the teeth This is caused by the fact that they move back during the hours when the aligners were not worn.

  2. The teeth are not corrected as planned, or they are not corrected at all, because the aligners do not fit anymore due to constant changes and backward movement of the teeth, because they were not worn regularly.

  3. The worst case would be that the teeth become loose. This happens when the teeth are constantly pressurized from different directions, which happens when the aligners are not worn regularly. This constant movement and pressure can lead to degeneration of the root of the tooth and eventually to more serious problems.

The longer the aligners are worn, the closer and faster the desired results are achieved. Nevertheless, it is understandable that there may be situations when it is not possible to wear aligners. Fortunately, K Clear has many advantages that make it possible to experience the most comfortable way to correct malocclusion.

Step by step you will achieve the desired result of a perfect smile. The main advantage of K Clear is the possibility to remove the aligners, for example, to eat and brush your teeth. Thus, the compromises with K Clear in daily life when wearing the aligners are minimal. Since the aligners are individually made for each patient's teeth, patients get used to wearing the aligners after a short time. This ensures that there are no restrictions on speaking with K Clear.

Finally, it is also important to clean the aligners to ensure the best possible quality and efficiency. It is preferable to clean twice a day - morning and evening. A conventional toothpaste and toothbrush can be used for this.

It has never been so easy to achieve a perfect smile. K Clear offers more benefits than other Clear Aligner providers. Due to its ease of use, K Clear makes it more than easy to follow the treatment plan. Not only is it possible to remove the aligners when necessary, but cleaning is also super easy and there are no restrictions on daily life.

Are you ready to choose the most comfortable way for a perfect smile?

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