Misaligned teeth/Maloccluded teeth

Maloccluded teeth are irregularly placed teeth in our jaw. They are known

as misaligned, malaligned, or maloccluded teeth. The normal alignment of our teeth is such that the upper teeth form a proper arch and slightly overlap the lower teeth vertically and horizontally without any gaps in between, overlapped edges with each other, or any twisting, etc.

This arrangement is called normal occlusion and is meant this way so that our cheeks, lips, and tongue may not be bitten. Any deviation from this normal arrangement may be either lack of space in the jaw or larger teeth size causing crowded teeth, gaps between teeth, or even twisted or rotated teeth. This may cause a deviation from the normal occlusion. The condition where your teeth are not in their proper alignment is known as malocclusion.



Normally, all teeth should fit perfectly in your mouth without affecting the general appearance of your face. If there is any discrepancy in the size of your teeth or jaw they may not fit properly.

Some factors which cause malocclusion are :

● Genetics, which play an important role. You are likely to have a malocclusion if either of your parents had malaligned teeth.

● Discrepancy or mismatch in the jaw size and teeth size

● Prolonged thumb sucking or pacifier usage

● Harmful habits like mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, or teeth grinding habits, etc.

● Abnormal shape and size of teeth

● Traumatic injuries, etc.

Some types of malocclusions commonly observed are:

Crowded teeth : Where the edges of your teeth are overlapping adjacent teeth

Gapped teeth : There are gaps present in between adjacent teeth owing to excessive

space in the jaw or smaller teeth size

Cross-bite : occurs when any upper teeth remain behind the lower teeth on closing

the mouth

Open bite : Presence of a vertical gap visible in the front teeth

Deep bite : where the upper front teeth come down too far over your bottom front teeth

on closing your mouth

● Protruding teeth : Upper front teeth when placed too forwardly can cause protruding

front teeth.



Misaligned teeth affect the shape and appearance of a person’s face. Teeth with gaps, protruded teeth, crowded teeth all impart an unsightly look to your smile and must be corrected.


Additionally, they are difficult to clean and lead to plaque accumulation, causing gum diseases. Misaligned teeth also cause certain speech problems like lisps due to interference with the tongue.


Hence, they must be corrected.



The best way to correct maloccluded or misaligned teeth is fixed orthodontic treatment.

This is done with the help of braces and wires which are fixed on your teeth to align them. This treatment can be cumbersome at times. Clear aligners offer the perfect solution in such a case.

K Clear aligners enable orthodontic teeth movement with the help of clear tray like appliances, that snugly fit your teeth and have orthodontic forces incorporated into them to correct your crossbite. They are removable, transparent, plastic aligners that need to be switched out every two weeks, as the orthodontist slowly moves your teeth into a better alignment. Apart from being invisible, they are also comfortable as they have no wires poking around. They are removable so can be conveniently removed while eating, and brushing.


So you can now enjoyyour meal without your braces holding you back. It is easier to keep your teeth clean with clear aligners as these are removable. Various studies have also shown great improvement in gumhealth with clear aligner treatment.

Regardless of whichever treatment option you choose, it is very to maintain proper oral hygiene.

Throughout the treatment process, religiously brushing and flossing twice daily is extremely essential. So do not let your doubts cage you (like braces) from smiling wide, instead get K clear aligner treatment and smile fearlessly!