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The K Line Ecosystem

Updated: Feb 2

How we help our clients to enter the aligner market successfully

Are you ready to up your clear aligner game or even build an entirely new clear aligner brand? As a dental service organization or clinic, expanding your offerings to include clear aligners can be a game-changer for your business.

But where to begin?

Partnering with K Line Europe, Europe's largest white-label clear aligner manufacturer, is a great way to start!

The K Line eco system for white label clear aligners

Clear aligner solutions made in Germany: As a provider of all-in-one clear aligner solutions, we offer a full ecosystem - from manufacturing the aligners to providing training and support for your team. This allows you to focus on your growth, without worrying about the details.

K Line offers a full range of services, which includes the manufacturing of high-quality clear aligners, logistics, 3D treatment planning, our very own intraoral scanner K SCAN, teeth whitening, IT and Marketing services, and much more.

Our ecosystem is designed to provide you with everything you need to offer your clients a professional range of clear aligner services, all under your own brand.


K Line Europe's clear aligners are known for their exceptional quality and convincing results. This is due to our use of advanced materials and production technology, as well as rigorous quality control processes to ensure consistent and effective treatment outcomes.

We manufacture both straight-cut and scallop cut and offer white-label versions as well as our branded K Clear aligners for distribution.

3D treatment planning:

Our treatment planning service stands out for its combination of cutting-edge technology and expertise. Our treatment plans are created only by dentists and orthodontists, leading thereby to a below-average refinement rate! Using our in-house software Onyx and Motion Viewer, we offer highly accurate and detailed treatment predictions, which lead to optimal outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.

K SCAN Intraoral scanner:

K SCAN is K Line's first Intraoral scanner, widely acclaimed for its accuracy and ease of use. It utilizes advanced optical technology to produce high-resolution digital scans of a patient's teeth, eliminating the need for physical impressions and increasing treatment efficiency: Fast, Accurate, and Affordable.

The software has no recurring fees and operates on an open data system, which allows for saving scans in different formats for maximum flexibility. K SCAN users benefit from free webinars as well as free training.

IT & Marketing Services:

Not only do we provide custom portals and mobile apps, but we also take care of the entire brand creation: From vision over packaging design to implementation - both print and digital. Our team of experts employs modern technology and innovative marketing strategies to help our clients enter the aligner market successfully and grow profitably.

As a white label partner, our team will provide you with everything you need to ensure you and your team are fully equipped to make your clear aligner brand successful!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your range of products with a professional and profitable clear aligner system.

Contact us today at to learn more about becoming a white label partner for K Line Europe and take the next step in building your own clear aligner brand!



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